By moving ahead with its leadership election, Labour is excluding the chance of hearing from academics, members and others on what went wrong.

Whilst all the 'insiders' are rushing to get their versions of the truth out, and presumably cleanse themselves of any blame, little wider evidence is being given a chance to come forward.

The candidates are busy removing what they consider to be the unpopular parts of Miliband's agenda without, it appears, views about what replaces them.

One of the central criticisms appears to be the 'anti-business' position that Miliband adopted. But business is unpopular amongst the public and that is one of the reasons why even the CBI is undertaking a campaign to try to change perceptions, The Great Business Debate.

There is still plenty of time before Labour members make their decision but just as Miliband wanted to distance himself from New Labour, the candidates want to move away from Miliband. What is lacking is what the future of Labour really looks like.