London's transport system has been transformed since the establishment of the Mayor and the GLA. Ken and Boris have both understood the importance of transport to London's development and world standing. Transport for London (TfL) has, as a result, benefited from being encouraged to push London's transport forward.

That is not to say that challenges do not remain. You only have to listen to all the mayoral candidates across all the parties to realise that transport and housing are top priorities. These are, of course, fundamentally linked to each other as well. TfL has impressive plans and the London Infrastructure Plan 2050 shows no lack of ambition.

As with all projects, across the country, funding is central to what is possible. But projects are not just about the movement of people or economic development but increasingly about other government priorities, particularly housing development. In urban centres such as London, air quality too needs to be addressed urgently.

Whoever becomes Mayor knows that transport provides to lifeblood of the city.