Businesses are coming under pressure from the Government not to be so vocally pro-Europe. The Business Secretary is concerned that such a position will undermine the Government's negotiating position.

Actually, it is not the job of the business to worry about the political position that the Government finds itself. Campaigns also need to develop momentum and capacity. If, as the Government itself has suggested, there could be a referendum in 2016 rather than the initially proposed 2017 the both pro and anti campaigns need to get going now.

They need to get teams in place, raise funds and start communicating with audiences. The idea that a Minister would hold one side back could hobble their campaign and would be very unfair. The Minister could be calling for a silence from both sides but then there would be no debate which is what the discussions are meant to be about.

Businesses may find themselves increasingly squeezed in the coming months by both sides in the debate.