A three-unit Hivehaus, on sale for £55,000 with options to extend the honeycomb design, could be an alternative way on to the property ladder. An interesting concept for those unable to afford to buy a home in the usual way, but it may not be the answer to solving the housing shortage.

The Hivehaus was invented as a low-cost, flexible and easy way to expand your home. It can be built in about 5 days using off the shelf materials without the need for foundations, at it sits on its own wooden frame floor.

It was designed as a "man-shed" but could be used as a granny annexe, holiday unit and for young couples as start-up homes. The problem would be finding somewhere to locate your new flexi home and temporary accommodation in your parent's garden may not be all that attractive. Plus you might need to enter into a licence arrangement (with a licence fee payable) if you locate your Hivehaus on somone else's land.

At £55,000 for a 3-room unit it is certainly more affordable, but it's unlikely you'd get a mortgage over a temporary unit that could be moved in a few days. An interesting concept though, and I look forward to seeing it in action!