David Cameron has long championed forging business links across the world. Since becoming Prime Minister there have been a number of these high profile visits accompanied by leading business.

But there remains a need to secure a cultural change in the way that embassies and Ambassadors work. They have to understand the need to help secure business opportunities and act as champions for UK plc. The Government and the new trade minister, Lord Maude, are well aware of this and making efforts to make this shift.

Although talking about the BIS Minister, Sajid Javid, leading a separate delegation of business 'from the North' could be viewed as insulting to businesses other than those of the size and importance of the ones with the PM.

But Europe remains the dominant market for UK exports and still has a current account problem. Simplistically, we import a lot more than we export.

So whilst the PM's efforts are extremely welcome, there is a lot more to do.