This is another extremely welcome contribution to the debate about how to speed up infrastructure development. There is no doubt that George Osborne sees infrastructure as sitting at the heart of both his plans for economic growth and the rebalancing of the economy through the Northern Powerhouse.

The merging of Government departments and the creation of a Department for Infrastructure is not a new one. The PM is said to be unconvinced by tinkering with the structures of Government. But Osborne is the one driving Government forward at the moment. He is the one with the ideas and if he pushes hard enough, anything is possible.

But the Armitt Commission shouldn't be consigned to the dustbin just yet. Although primarily a creature of the Labour Party, the report contained some excellent ideas.

Rather than a complete overhaul of departments, the PM and Chancellor may prefer to cherry-pick parts of the Armitt report. Good ideas have a habit of being recycled and it is rare that reports are lost in their entirety.

WithNetwork Rail now in a state of potential overhaul, Government may prefer a slightly more piecemeal approach to infrastructure. It does though need to show momentum and delivery especially in the run-up to 2020. New projects need to be brought forward - especially in energy.

To secure this may mean changing the way that Government plans and delivers its side of the infrastructure bargain. If not, then the cupboard risks being a little empty by 2020.