News that TalkTalk has been subjected to a malicious attack of its online systems is dominating the news. But changing your TalkTalk account password is not enough to protect yourself from further abuse.

As with the recent attacks on international banks, once targeted individuals will continue to be susceptible to further attacks on accounts that share the same or similar usernames or passwords.

Cyber criminals may access less well protected accounts, including social media accounts, which people use the same passwords for their banks and other highly sensitive accounts.

As well as changing passwords for the accounts that have knowingly been hacked, victims should change the passwords for any accounts that they wish to remain private.

To avoid being caught out, follow a few simple preventative steps for all online accounts:

  • Use a complex password of numbers, capital letters and symbols
  • Change your passwords regularly
  • Don't use an obvious pattern of updates to a password
  • Don't access sensitive information on unknown or public wi-fi networks
  • Use common sense!