All sides of the Labour Party can criticise the obvious disunity that is impacting on its ability to act as an effective opposition. But who is the cause of the disunity is far less clear - why should one 'side' of the argument give into the other?

If, as Prentice appears to be suggesting, Labour MPs should fall in line behind its leader then that curtails the democracy Corbyn is so vigorously championing.

The leadership of any political party needs to put forward ideas and policies that bind all parts together. Part of the criticism so far of Corbyn is the lack of detail and of major policy announcements.

Rather than simply saying people should get on with one another or remain silent, more effort needs to be focused on providing a vision of the future, supported with ideas, that will act as a unifier.

A business comparison may not be appreciated in this instance but the best CEOs are those that have determination, can set out a narrative and get people to buy into that.

You cannot just say people should show loyalty. Loyalty is earned.