The Northern Powerhouse is George Osborne's attempt to change Britain. The economics of the initiative aim to rebalance the divide that continues to exist between the north and the south but, it has been claimed, Osborne has also been very clever with the politics.

To those who champion the political side of the initiative, Osborne is making a play for voters in the North, taking ground from Labour who are said to have 'taken the Northerner for granted'.

What this BBC poll shows is that very few people really know or understand what the Northern Powerhouse is all about. If this is the case, then the political benefits for the Conservative Party, and for Osborne himself, must be questioned.

Potentially of more consequence though, is that if there is nothing in it politically then will the Government continue to champion it? To do so would be a sign of genuine commitment and there is nothing to suggest that this is not the case. But if Osborne does not win the party leadership, will a new leader be just as committed?