It seems inconceivable that there could be a "property developer" out there who is not aware that you need planning permission to build a block of flats. But there is.

Yusuf Sarodia built a six storey block of flats in Hackney, London without any planning permission at all. He has refused to demolish it, despite being fined over £700,000 by the Council. Mr Sarodia and his company Garland Development Limited are embroiled in a battle over the demolition of the block of flats now worth £10 million. 

Sarodia is refusing to demolish the building and faces the threat of the planning authority taking further legal action against him, which ultimately could end up in the Court of Appeal. The confiscation order requires Sarodia to pay over £700,000 of rental profits. The fine is one of the highest ever for planning crime and sends out a clear message to other property developers i.e. don't build without planning permission!