One of the main conclusions from the General Election was that Mrs May ran a very tight, central core of advisers who few seemed able to engage with.  A more open and inclusive approach is certainly a clear reaction but it won't work.

The Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn are now in a permanent campaign mode and will see little benefit in working with, what they see as, a weak PM and government.  Why should Labour 'lend' them any authority.

As the Lib Dems found to their cost during the Coalition, the popular policies were seen as coming from the Conservatives, whilst they were lumbered with the blame for the unpopular policies.

It is easy for a party of government to try to claim that they are above politics and that a subsequent lack of cooperation by others is a sign of them putting politics before the needs of the country.

For such an approach to be genuine, the government would have to give significant ground on an issue to 'show willing'.  But that, in turn, would be seen as a sign of weakness and a win for the opposition parties.

So this approach will be dead before the words are even spoken.