Donald Trump's appointment of Anthony Scaramucci as his White House communications director is a slap in the face for the communications profession.

Whilst Mr Scaramucci doubtless has impressive skills and is a smooth operator, he apparently lacks any communications experience.  Appearing on Fox News does not make a communicator, neither does simply being able to defend a President's position.

Being a good communicator is about being able to challenge, reflect, prepare, help campaign, strategise, be creative and, yes, sometimes, defend.

His appointment gives credence to the 'anyone can do it' school of thought where it comes to communications.  That is very far from the truth and wouldn't apply to other professions, so why should it apply to communications?

Sean Spicer, for all his faults, had a clear background and experience in communications.  It could be said that he didn't do very well so another approach needs to be tried.  But how much worse could it have been without that experience...?

It also means that the President seems to believe he can simply 'PR' his way out of his current problems.  He will find that good communications goes much deeper than just the message.