The Prime Minister's direct intervention in the Brexit proceedings betray both strength and weakness. The real danger is that after making a public show of trying to speed up negotiations then nothing really happens....

If nothing changes then many backbench Conservative MPs may conclude that she can't deliver on the only job she is really there to do. That would put her in a perilous position.

If she does get movement then she will in all likelihood have had to make some compromises or concessions. These may not reflect well on David Davis and he could feel undermined. Too big a concession and those some backbenchers may not be happy. But the reward for real movement is big.  

The closer a 'no deal' scenario looks, then the more extreme the reaction of business will be.  Instead of looking like small changes to 'business as usual', more drastic actions are likely. Everything from new corporate structures outside of the UK to moving workforces.

Mrs May needs to stop this from happening, whatever public gloss might be put on such a scenario. She has, therefore, had little choice but to take a more hands-on approach.

Movement would also show that there is real power left in this Prime Minister and that no-one should write her off quite yet.