The launch of an All Party Parliamentary Group rarely makes any sort of headlines, let alone the BBC and the extensive local coverage that this group has received.

It is not just a reflection of the backing of George Osborne but, more importantly, is reflective of the political battles to come.

There is a clear sense of grievance that London / South East does well whilst the Northern cities do poorly, not least from a lack of Government spending. The Chancellor made some moves to redress this in his recent Budget but it will not be seen as enough.

It is not, though, just about spending. Cities across the country think they should have more control over their own destinies. In this, there is common cause between the Northern cities and London.

Whether this common cause is allowed to develop might depend on how loud the Northern cities feel they need to shout and differentiate themselves from London. For London's part, it is clear that they need a collaborative approach.

The launch of the Northern Powerhouse APPG will give a useful base in Parliament to discuss their issues. An APPG for London also exists...